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Kapoeta by Ambica is a luxury collection of handmade jewellery and linen clothing, each piece uniquely blending edgy, elegant, and extravagant styles. As an African artisanal brand, we place a strong emphasis on ethical and sustainable practices throughout our sourcing, production and design processes. 

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Conservation Capsule Collection

Embodying the essence of our Giving Back Initiative, 50% of the proceeds from these collections will be donated to these trusts, fostering the rescue and rehabilitation of precious wildlife.


Meet the artisans

We take pride in working with local artisans from Bali and Kenya to craft our jewellery. By involving these skilled artisans, we are able to create unique and beautiful pieces while also supporting local communities.

Our philosophy

Kapoeta by Ambica weaves together a fascinating and rich global history that transcends cultures and continents, now reimagined into modern fashion.


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