We have created an exclusive collection called "Broken Wing" as part of our initiative to give back. This collection is dedicated to the Kenya Bird of Prey Trust (KBPT), which is a leading conservation group committed to rescuing and rehabilitating raptors in Kenya. We will donate 50% of the sales from this collection to the trust to support their important work.

The Kenya Bird of Prey Trust is a conservation organization that focuses on rescuing and rehabilitating raptors in the Rift Valley of Kenya. Their primary objective is to protect Kenya's threatened birds of prey. Founded in 2014 - by Simon Thomsett, a renowned raptor expert and falconer, and Shiv Kapila, a biologist and photographer who manages the Kilimandeg Sanctuary in Naivasha - the KBPT is at the forefront of raptor conservation in the country.

Vultures globally are highly threatened, and in Africa, 7 out of 11 species are endangered or critically endangered, with 80-97% population decline over 30 years. In Kenya, 8 species are at risk due to illegal wildlife poisoning, poorly planned energy infrastructure, and habitat loss. Vultures play a vital role in preventing the spread of diseases in wildlife, livestock, and humans.


Meet the Birds


Gollum, the first of our vultures, Gollum came from Kwenia, near Lake Magadi. Gollum was taken off his cliff ledge as a chick by a Verreaux’s Eagle. Fortunately, he was dropped but broke his wing during a hard landing. Rescued by Simon and a BBC film crew that happened to be there, Gollum is now a very grumpy old bird with a tendency to charge. He is bottom of the pile in the paddock.


Ahmed arrived 6 months ago from the Carnelly’s Campsite in Naivasha. He’s blind in one eye and very small for his age. He was found swimming to shore, having flopped into the lake on what was probably his first flight off the cliffs at Hell’s Gate. Due to his eye (probably happened whilst in the nest) and his small stature, we will not release him, even though he can fly now. He’s managed to bully his way into second-in-command, compensating for his small stature


Yusef was rescued from the Mara 2 years ago with a broken right wing, which we saved in surgery but he hasn’t restored flight. He’s a sub-adult and a very friendly, curious bird. He’s a good friend of Horace and the Marabou


Horace, a Lappet Faced Vulture, was poisoned on Soysambu as a juvenile, he recovered but injured his wing in the process and now cannot extend it. He’s just moulted into his adult plumage and is the boss of the paddock. He’s very friendly and likes a head scratch, but also enjoys ripping gloves to pieces. Shoelaces are amongst his favourite foods


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