*Availably on cotton chord. Contact us for more details*This bird skull necklace is cast in brass and strung on gold plated chain from a real, life size Cape Gannet bird skull. The skull was ethically sourced from a natural history shop in Cape Town that specializes in taxidermy, collecting bones and skulls from naturally diseased animals. The process of making a mould from a life size bird skull requires several steps. First, we took multiple photos to capture the skulls details. Through 3D rendering, the process of turning information from a 3D model into a 2D image, we adjust the size to fit the jewellery requirements and using a 3D printer, print the master to make a mould. From here we cast the bird skulls into earrings, pendants and rings.  Designed in Cape Town and currently being produced in Bali.Suggestion- Accessorize with matching brass Bird Skull Earrings / Bird Skull Ring 	Colour: Gold	Materials: Brass / Silver Chain Gold Plated	Width: Bird Skull 1cm	Length: Bird Skull 4cm / 27cm                                                 INTERNATIONAL SHIPPINGWE SHIP FROM KENYA AND BALI WORLDWIDE. ESTIMATE SHIPPING FEE IS $30 TO USA, UK AND EUROPE. ESTIMATED SHIPPING TIME FROM BALI WITH LOCAL POST UP TO 17 DAYS. ESTIMATE SHIPPING TIME FROM KENYA WITH DHL UP TO 10 DAYS. PICKING UP PRODUCTS IN KENYAPRODUCTS MAY BE AVAILABLE FOR COLLECTION DIRECTLY FROM OUR STOCKISTS IN KENYA. PLEASE NOTE WE PRODUCE VARIOUS PIECES OF OUR JEWELLERY IN BALI AND USUALLY SEND SHIPMENTS IN BULK TO KENYA FOR COLLECTION.

Bird Skull Necklace Brass