As part of Kapoeta By Ambica's giving back CSR, we have identified the Kenya Bird Of Prey Trust, Kenya's leading conservation group dedicated to raptor rescue and rehabilitation, as the organisation that we would like to help raise awareness for and funds to run their project in Naivasha, Kenya.

The Kenya Bird of Prey Trust (KBPT) is a raptor rescue and rehabilitation organisation in the Rift Valley whose main objective is to help protect Kenya's threatened birds of prey. KBPT was established in 2014 and is run by Simon Thomsett, the country's leading raptor expert and falconer and Shiv Kapila, a biologist and photographer who manages the Kilimandege Sanctuary in Naivasha.

Globally, vultures are among the most threatened groups of birds, facing serious population declines. Africa is home to 11 species of vulture of which 4 (Ruppels, Hooded, White-backed and White-headed vultures) are Critically Endangered and on the brink of extinction. Another three (Egyptian, Lappet-faced and Cape Vultures) are Endangered. Populations of these 7 species have declined between 80 to 97% over the last 30 years. Poisoning accounts for over 60% of all known vulture deaths. Kenya is blessed with 8 species of vulture but they are also at great risk from impacts of illegal wildlife poisoning, poorly planned energy infrastructure and habitat loss, primarily. Vultures are critical to maintaining a healthy ecosystem preventing the spread of diseases such as anthrax, tuberculosis and rabies in wildlife, livestock and humans.


Kapoeta by Ambica is supporting KBPT to raise funds to conserve and rehabilitate Kenya’s vultures. For every earring purchased in this collection, all proceeds are donated to The Kenya Bird of Prey Trust. 

For more information about the Trust or to donate please visit the website:





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